Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Change of pace . . .

... sometimes we need to make a change.... change in how we view ourselves, how we see the world, what we do, say and react to every and anything that comes our way! Sometimes.... people are not a right fit in our lives.... and sometimes they are a perfect fit. Sometimes we let go too soon or not fast enough of people or things that maybe once held a special place in our heart. And sometimes....... we need to forgive.... not just others but ourselves! We are so hard on ourselves .... so critical..... and while I believe we should be at times.... we should also be able to recognize and learn from every moment!
...... sometimes we should just be more understanding!

While this weather may be changing day by day..... no really every day I'm not sure if I should wear shorts or bundle up in some cozy sweats! I'm still managing to get outside to shoot some great people....... engagement sessions are in abundance now as we get closer to weddings! Happy in love couples who I am fortunate enough to spend time with...... luv'n the locations and hugs..... the jokes and laughs.....
it's always an adventure!
Engagement sessions are mandatory for my brides & grooms...... why?- simply because I want to get to know my couples..... I want to see what they are like together, their comfort levels..... and I love to see  how they interact, react etc. It's a great indication for their wedding day of what I can expect from them..... and it's a great way for them to get use to having me around.... lol

Most recent is MJ & Mike....... fabulous couple I met with last year...... originally we had planned a winter engagement.... but the lack of snow this year brought us into a spring session! Still was a great time..... I love the combination of their personalities.... and I hope to see them around more now that I know they hit the same bar on occasion as I do ;)
Their wedding is fast approaching......... and I look forward to spending the day with them!
Til then ... a sneak peek....


  1. Love it!!! Rebecca, MJ look so beautiful? And that handsome man in the background he's gorgeous.

    1. LOL..... both wicked fun couple!!! and equally gorgeous ;) Thanks!!

  2. Fabulous job Rebecca. They look great; can't wait to see the rest:)

  3. Beauty photos, of Mike and MJ.
    Can't wait for the wedding photos.
    Grooms Mom