Thursday, September 13, 2012

Caitlin & Sean

Caitlin & Sean..........
la la la la laaaaaa... yup I'm singing as I write this blog..... I met this fab couple and was immediately taken with them.... Caitlin a girl after your heart.... sweet to the core and oh so very organized. Luv it! Sean is quiet and kind.... goes with the flow and is completely smitten with Caitlin! Knollwood Golf Club was the venue for the day from prep to the last drink..... great venue btw!
Caitlin did her homework, knew what she wanted for her day and every bit of it was thought through! They sought out first look locations and let me suggest some spots along the way back to the venue..... we stopped at a bean field and a farm.... thank you to these fabulous owners for allowing us to use their gorgeous fields as a backdrop! We were very respectful and careful!
It's not about the perfect location.... it's about the perfect moment..... and these two didn't disappoint! Too cute in their approach and so much love it just bubbles over! The ceremony was a tear jerker for all..... even me!
We had a blast and even got a horse in on the action..... lol who doesn't love that?!
And while the balloons didn't hold up their end of the bargain.... the balloon release still followed through!
Dinner was shared and speeches were made...... and through it all.... a smile on their face......
wishing you two all the best and a long life together!!!

Sneak peek....

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  1. Beautiful! As beautiful as Mark described!
    A UWO friend of Mark's