Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Dolan......

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Dolan........

So as with all couples there is always a story....... I met Lisa & Steve at a Starbucks to chat with them about their day..... it was rather amusing when we realized we were at different tables waiting for each other...... a nice giggle was shared!
I knew from the moment we met .... the body language between them said it all... these two are meant to last!!!
As I recently shared their wedding day with them I sat at my computer to look through their images.... my daughter was sitting looking at them too..... she turned to me and said "he really loves her"... a statement I couldn't agree more with!
The day started with Lisa..... she was giddy with excitement and could not have looked more beautiful!!! Every part of the process was sheer joy..... I don't think I will ever forget her pure excitement!
Steve.... was cool calm and collected.... not an ounce of sweat no nerves and just the complete look of confidence in his eyes! I swear they could write a fairy tale about these two!
From prep to first look and the walk down the aisle.... photos and then a gorgeous reception at The Cellar in Georgetown.... if you have not been .... please run there.... phenominal place and food to die for!!!!!
Flowers- D&D Floral Design
Dress- Allure romance
Cake- Andy's Cake

Congratulations to both of you......

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  1. great to see this photos... what a great day for all and a super wedding for Lisa and Stephen Dolan