Thursday, July 24, 2014

Amy & Kyle ..... married!!!

Amy & Kyle ... are wed!
... this couple was too cute and sweet..... they love the outdoors and of course each other!
Their wedding was at The Halton Region Museum... this place is just beautiful..... my sister in law was married there as well and now I finally had the chance to shoot there again!
Amy was simply elegant from head to toe... with both dresses .... her lovely white knee length dress for her vows and long gorgeous red dress for the tea ceremony! Stunning!
Amongst the outdoor landscape they shared their vows..... exchanged rings and the celebrations began!
I LOVE tea ceremonies.... they are so beautiful and unique.... the candidness of it is what draws me in.... a special tradition for family.
We ventured off with the wedding party and then it was time for dinner .... the first dance offered a surprise for their guests with a great number! Well done Amy & Kyle!


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