Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lise & Marco . . . they did!

A different direction . . .
Lise a stunning... sweet ... energetic woman that has an infectious smile. From the moment I met her I knew I wanted to just know her! She radiates positivity and kindness .... and her texts always left me with a smile. Yes she is that powerful .... and I am seriously thinking she just might be some kind of superhero!
Marco a handsome... kind ... genuine soul! and while we did not share text messages haha I will remember him for his kind thoughtful words! He had a way with leaving you with quite powerful words.
This couple..... together could change the world! I don't think they truly know the imprint  they leave on other peoples souls.
See... now you know they both must be superheroes! ;)
I am grateful to have contributed to a small part of their life!
The day....
started with bridal prep at Lise friends place .... great digs... loved it! Lise was so calm and of course no surprise concerned for those around her.  She was simply lovely draped in lace ..... the red lips just added to this already beautiful woman.
We headed to the schoolhouse and had a first look..... Marco could not have been more thrilled!
They shared a moment and we were off for some photos and a sweet ceremony!
Surrounded by family & friends they shared their vows and a kiss.
The reception room was filled with love, pride and excitement.... from great speeches and quick feet on the dance floor ..... it was clear everyone was having a great time!

I thank you Lise & Marco .... for leaving such a lasting imprint on my heart!

sneak peek . . .

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