Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take a bow!!!

So once again... we take a turn in direction....you may remember a similar post last year!
I enjoy my job... love all the days as they are always changing. There is so much variety in what I do it forces me to stay on my toes!
The best part I have to admit is when I get a chance to work with friends.... I love to share their photos... successes and lives with everyone! So once again I have the pleasure to share with you all the following book....... I admire writers..... I am so not capable of writing a book.... putting words together so that others can understand, learn and be satisfied with what they have just spent time and energy into reading. It truly is those gifted people that can do this well and always leave us wanting more.... or walking away feeling we have learned something new! All you writers out there.... please continue.... never quit.... were always waiting for your next great collaboration of words!

So here goes...... oh my lord the ego strokes I dish out! lol - really will I ever learn?!

.... the talent is endless when it comes to a friend of mine (the ego will soar...ugh)...... last year I took it upon myself to take photos and write a blog about a book he had written "Workplace One". This year to my delight I was asked to shoot the second instalment "CoCreate" written by him once again, as well as the promotional material that would be used for the book tour.
   A big shout out to Steve Delfino...... not only for a great read... kid you not.... very interesting... I like the mix and examples so that anyone can relate and understand a book that is written for this industry. A couple fav quotes of mine from the book..... because really it relates to everyone..... "Creativity is one part inspiration and many parts collaboration" (see pic below)! ... & .. "Creativity in it's purest form is about sharing"....There is nothing more true..... and yes while it is written for Teknion..... much of the examples and tidbits of wisdom apply to our everyday lives.

We can all learn from others....... collaborate... problem solve.... create!

Congratulations Steve....... Cheers!


  1. beautiful product shots Rebecca, you're as creative as your friend you know!