Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello L&A

..... I apologize for the delay.... couldn't get this blog to publish last night!

... so it's that time of year where the engagement sessions are in abundance...... sometimes I shoot at the same places.... and sometimes I am thrown into something new. Gotta love when that happens... new scene always gets the inspiration flowing! It's funny and I totally admit this.... I never have a formal plan when I go out to shoot an engagement session...... this I feel is my opportunity to get to know each couple and to make a great connection.... this ensures we will have a blast the day of their wedding.
I recently had a wedding consult where they had mentioned they had read the brief write up on my site about myself.... I had to laugh as I really didn't think anyone read it before. But if you know me you know that what it says couldn't be more true... and since I wrote it myself.... well you know it's quite candid! Ya went off the rail there.... as I tend to do! Just thought it was kinda cool to hear feedback about something other than my work.

So here it is.... Leona & Andrew...... I met this fabulous bride last year at a wedding she was a brides maid in...... she was stunning then and again now. This FAB.... really cool couple is a blast to work with! When I showed up for their session.... new place chosen by Leona... I was stoked.... so much to work with and these two looked so chic! Really I could have jumped up and down... buuuuut thought it might be overkill! Instead I raved... took lot's of photos!
Thanks so much guys for giving me so much to work with.... it's been awesome getting to know you both..... so looking forward to your September wedding!!!!!

sneak peek.........

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