Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas & Family!!!

So as I sit here to type out this latest blog post... I am reminiscent of all the Christmases before..... all the traditions.... and best of all time with family and good friends! From tree hunting, cookie baking, photos and of course movie night.... to carolling, dancing and just plain being silly! I love it all.... every moment, every trip to a packed mall....... every crease of the wrapping paper..... nothing beats this time of year for me! And every year we either get carried away with presents and time completely escapes us or ...we take the time... time to see those we love.... share in laughter and good times........ and when anyone asks what I would like most of all....... it truly is just a few moments of their time.... probably the most costly gift you can give... but the most meaningful!

As Christmas Eve approaches it is time for me to sign off for a wee bit.... taking a much needed holiday from work and spending it with my family and friends! To everyone of you...... Happy Holidays... may this be your best year yet!!!


Now for a sneak peek at a family who has embraced this meaning of time and shared it with their entire family...... 19 to be precise! When I received an email from Michelle I was more than happy to be available.... they were all getting together for the Holidays and wanted some photos to remember it all by! When you are able to get everyone together such as this.... it's best to have a camera kicking around! ;)
I had previously shot Michelle's family in the fall.... and had a wonderful time with them! Now I had the opportunity to meet her 3 brothers and their families........ YOU ALL were simply beautiful and fabulous not to mention incredibly kind!! Thank you for inviting me into your home!!

Merry Christmas .... Cheers!!

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