Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stacey & Jeff........ 

I met this fab couple a while back.... they are related to a couple I had the pleasure of capturing before! I loved their story..... they met at work and were dating for quite some time..... after their engagement photo session they let me know that their colleagues did not know they were together..... now that had to be tough! But now everyone knows and everyone is so very thrilled for them... including me!
I met up with Stacey at her hotel and we began our day.... she was so clam and completely collected.... not a hair out of place or a bead of sweat..... I love how calm a bride can be.... it's so moving and great to watch as they begin to get ready.... every little grin.... it's always the little grins of excitement with a hint of shyness. 
It was a beautiful wedding with great family and friends..... the reception is a cool spot called The Vue.....  great venue with old hollywood flair!
And to top it all off......... FLASH MOB...... everyone at the wedding got up and did it!!! It was awesome... props to these wedding guests!!!!!! Well Done!!!!
A great crowd, fabulous food and a beautiful atmosphere...... made for a perfect day!!!

Congratulations Stacey & Jeff!!!!!

Cristina Alt shot the next seven images of the groom and groomsmen! Thanks Cristina ... it was great to work with you!!!!!!!!

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