Monday, January 28, 2013

Laura & Amin

...... please meet Laura & Amin...... a most fabulous couple I had the pleasure to spend some time with this past weekend!
AND .... we had SNOW!!!! Sweet..... made for a great session!
I love this part of the wedding process..... meeting couples and learning all about them...... and while Amin likes to hide behind his gorgeous fiance..... we managed to get him out in centre for a few! 
I love couples like these two, who completely embrace the experience...... Laura you couldn't have been more delightful..... so looking forward to capturing your day in April!


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  1. From one Rebekah to another, Beautifully done, nice work! Nice to meet you briefly at the Milton Photog's meet-up. Hope to have a chance to chat with you next time. Feel free to Like my biz FB page at
    Happy Friday