Monday, May 27, 2013

Lisa & Gary

Lisa & Gary . . .

congratulations to this fabulous couple.....
I met Lisa last fall at her office here in Milton.... her captivating smile was so warm and inviting I knew I wanted to be a part of her day! Usually I meet with couples well in advance for their engagement sessions.... but with busy schedules we completed the session just recently and that's when I met Gary! I am gonna go out on a limb and say he probably works out.... ;) just a small joke.... he knows I like him! I just loved their energy ..... seriously full of life and positivity... the type you want to soak up!
Engagement session went well and then came the big day!
Lisa is that calm bride.... organized and calm.... she knew what she wanted out of her day and it went all too well! I loved the relaxed atmosphere.... the smiles and warmth of their home! Met Gary at the hotel for some prep and guys pics... Now if only I could have convinced them to climb a tower!
A beautiful outdoor ceremony and then we were off for photos. AND here it is.... the TRUST factor.... I have said it a thousand times.... I LOVE when couples trust me! But I can tell you what I love even more having just experienced it...... Lisa's confidence in me... every set up she was in it and energetic about it... seriously it was awesome!!! No I don't need every couple to be this way but when they are excited in the moment with what you are doing.... thats the moment I live for!
The reception followed.... with beautiful speeches and a room filled with great people..... I am certain they had an awesome time!

Lisa & Gary it was truly a pleasure to get to know you both and to spend the day with you..... you radiate so much greatness and love..... Thank you!

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