Thursday, March 27, 2014

First Look ... we cheated a little!

. . . The First Look . . .

. . . it started as a trend and has become something so much more! When asked by my fabulous brides and grooms what is better . . . I simply ask what they want. Some couples choose to see one another before the ceremony and some do not, while others just have a timeline that won't accommodate photos after the ceremony. There are many reasons to do or not to do a first look. But here is what I personally love about them.
A moment between the bride and groom exclusively . . . yes I am there to document it (hiding in bushes and climbing trees lol), but it is such a private and intimate moment shared just between them. Whether your groom is blindfolded or not . . . the emotion still rings true. Theres always tears and or laughter . . .  some stumbling on words and a sweet embrace. With no one watching they are free to have their moment together.
Don't get me wrong the moment coming down the aisle is very powerful as well . . . romantic and shared with everyone.  Great candids of parents and guests are captured as the bride graces us all with her presence. A room of guests sitting on the edge of their seat in anticipation.

I would never sway anyone one way or another . . . every part of a wedding is unique and special!

Here is a fav moment  from 2013 . . . this was a 'not' so first look . . . still cute, fun and we had a great time with it!

Talk to each other and decide what you would want for your day . . . while there are many decisions to be made . . . this one should be one of the most exciting ones!

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