Friday, April 25, 2014

just a thought . . .

Thoughts . . .
                 just a thought day....

Recently I watched a movie.... I was really excited to see it.... it had mixed reviews but seemed to have captured the attention of many creatives.
I'm all about images and movies evoking emotion.... true deep emotion that takes you by surprise and creates ... well what I would call a mind blown experience.
This movie did just that!

Perhaps it came at a time when I could really connect and or appreciate what it was trying to say or maybe it IS just simply... Brilliant!

Either way ..... I will go on record and state it is one of my fav movies of all time and while I only needed to watch it once..... I have watched it 3x so far! lol (movie junkie)

I had a conversation with a friend recently about the movie and how it made me feel.... about how we all see differently.
  it's not about the perfect sunset.... or dress ... hair ... tree etc.... it's seeing a moment.... having a feeling and being in it. Whether we capture it with our mind or our camera .... is just a choice.

Yes with being a photographer we do have to use the camera.... but I assure you in our off time we don't always.
As in the movie .... sometimes we just want to be in the moment.... for ourselves ... for selfish reasons. ... to feel more ... to be more.

And that's the moment when we reconnect with our passion.

I know this all sounds quite sappy and a little out of character ... but unless you know every side of a person you truly can't appreciate them for all they are!

So where am I going with this.... nowhere other then to send a thought out to you today!

Now go watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!


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