Friday, May 9, 2014

It's all in your tone . . .

Busy day today so thought I'd add to it and write a short blog post!
In an effort to stay on top of my blog and show another side to myself so as to help you to get to know me in a more personal way. I'm told by the thousand or so blogs I've read that this is what we are suppose to do......... But perhaps for a moment we should focus on the being different instead of just keeping up! That's a little food for thought... what ya think?!

Yes we all blog and plaster our work all over our blogs.... with the changing times it's a constant race to stay fresh and relevant. And with that we have also obtained a disconnect with our clients, friends, peers etc. It's all about the visual and not so much about the emotional. Please don't misunderstand our work as artists speaks loud and clear in a very emotional way.......... BUT what about who we are... how we arrive at that image... that creation .... that visual imagery that captivated you. Do you want to know that side too???!!!!

I ponder this thought often and now I am expressing it......

I know we are hired to capture your life... a brief snap shot of your of it.... and how do we successfully accomplish that with only knowing you for such a short period of time.
We tell your story.... how you feel.... how you look and how you interact with everything surrounding you. The moment may last for but a second ..... and there we are seeing it all in a short click.
I get texts... emails.... and very rarely a phone call..... texts and emails are just that ... lifeless words put on a screen. Yes you add a happy face so as to interpret your mood.... but does it really convey the emotion you felt.
 I LOVE when clients call and friends and family too for that matter..... the emotional connect is there.. when you can hear the tone and pitch of a voice..... well it tells you what you need to know.
lol I am going to get an outpouring of calls now....
so much more is accomplished when you speak to someone whether it be by phone or in person.
I know I have always ended a phone call with a very clear understanding of the conversation. There is rarely room for confusion or misunderstanding.

... so Rebecca what is your point here?

. . . just a lil wee insight to my crazy mind..... and just maybe I made you think a little.

pick up the phone and call!



sneak peek into J&K engagement session....


  1. Thank you for saying this! It's so true! There is a tremendous disconnect even though we are more connected than ever!

    1. But nothing we can't change ... thanks for reading Rebecca Jaffe!