Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Roxy & Jeff

. . . Roxy & Jeff . . .

congratulations goes out to this Fabulous couple...... from the moment we started it was pure joy .... Roxy was getting her hair and make-up done and as they were finishing her dad showed up. That moment was too sweet for words.... Dad sitting and waiting for his daughter.... he was on the phone and I over heard him tell the person how beautiful she looked.... I admit that was one of the most touching experiences in a wedding for me. Sorry for making you tear up Roxy... but I had to tell you!

This couple is so very sweet and completely in sync with one another..... they could not have planned a better day!
 I gladly welcome daytime weddings..... there is such an ease with them..... interestingly beautiful and unique!
When it came time for the reception..... laughs were had and tears were shed...... BEST of all Roxy had jokes and "pick up" lines Jeff should have used" to entertain her guests..... it was so great and a first!!! LOVED IT! So many personal touches made it for a memorable day!

Thank you both for a wonderful experience!

Sneak peek . . .

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