Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wee Ones in abundance!!!!

  .... it was a great week last week- full of cute little faces! Babies and toddlers - oh my!
I can say for certain it is never dull- no matter what the age kids are kids and they will do all sorts of things on a whim........ and really thats the best part of them!
Take for instance my daughter- her birthday is just around the corner- we headed downtown to take some pics of her- something special just for her! All went well and I love some of the shots I have of her from the Distillery District! So here comes the "the things kids say" part- we were out amongst friends and I overhear her telling everyone "I worked today and I'm so tired"- ME- "pardon?" She decided to tell everyone that her neck and back were killing her cuz she worked modeling for her mom today! Ok really insert shocking confused face. So YES kids will be kids!
   This first little gem, little Miss. F ... I had the pleasure of shooting, was as cute as can be .... not to mention was just great for our session- I love this age- they have a very short attention span and then you have to get out a rubber chicken ... lol... thanks D for leaving it behind in the studio- it came in handy!
With young munchkins it's fun- you get down on the ground and roll around for an hour- it's perfect and funny! Thanks Miss. F for a great session and all the little grunts that made me laugh! 
   Next was Miss. M and her twin brothers Mr.W and Mr. J- I have had the pleasure to shoot big sister before so this was great to be able to again with two little men in toe! Parents always make me laugh- they generally think their children are more nutty than they really are- so not to worry everyone- it's much harder and more dramatic for you than me ;) I know your reading this blog- and I promise I have nothing but good things to say- your babes are beautiful and fun- I had a great time and enjoyed every second! ...... it happens all the time- babies cry- toddlers say no- and its always an adventure- BUT EVERY SESSION with children is- and that is the fun of it!

sneak peek- enjoy everyone- happy wednesday!!!!

Little Miss. M and baby twin brothers W & J............

and a very recent baby session-

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