Friday, October 5, 2012

Melodie & Stuart

Melodie & Stuart....... last year a met this beautiful couple in their home.... we sat and chatted about their day...... early this summer we met again for their engagement session and had a great time!
Melodie is sweet and kind..... has so much lover for her family and her smile is pure bliss! Stuart while seemed more reserved turns out is fun and aloof with a ton of character...... it was an absolute pleasure to capture their day!
We began at the hotel where I met up with a busy Melodie preping...... it was a busy room but so full of excitement. After it was time for the ceremony followed by photos....... everyone was genuinely happy for these two and I wouldn't be surprised if they all walked away with sore jaws from all the smiles and laughs that were shared.
I would like to add that my alone time with the bride and groom is my fav..... we take an hour or more just to run off and capture some moments..... they are always so much more relaxed and truly in the moment with one another.... it's the perfect time to unwind a little and to live in the moment of all that has happened.
Now they are off on their honeymoon and enjoying every moment I'm sure....... until we meet again when you return.... here is a sneak peek into your day!


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  1. Rebecca we love these pictures and can't wait to see the rest! it was amazing working with you! You are truly an artist ;). Melodie and Stuart