Monday, September 30, 2013

Cherie & Danny

Cherie & Danny...

met with Cherie and her family in my home office..... we chatted about her big day and soon after she had emailed me ready to book! I couldn't have been more thrilled!
The engagement session was great fun with this very much in love couple! Engagement sessions are just such a fun casual time to get to know my couples.....

The wedding...... love love love that they were wed on Danny's parents property.... it was lovely and they did such a beautiful job making it intimate and unforgetable not only for them but for everyone in attendance.
I met up with Cherie at her parents home where prep was well under way.... all the ladies looked beautiful especially Cherie...... I love when a bride truly lives in the moment of her wedding day. She's embracing every part.... feeling all the emotions and is just truly enjoying the day!
As the limo pulled up all the guests were in awe..... as was Danny! A lovely ceremony was had and a release of doves! Finally they are officially Husband & Wife!
Photos followed the ceremony........ and what caught my eye in all the sweet decor..... were the cakes & cake toppers....  generations of wedding cakes and wedding photos. I honestly teared up...... I've never seen anything like it! It was truly exceptional!!!!! The personal touches that allowed everyone to feel like family.... can't possibly say enough great things!
and even as the night was coming to an end for me ..... they certainly were not ready to call it quits..... what a great crowd.... dancing, laughing and making a ton of memories!
Cherie & Danny .... I do believe you were surrounded by a lotta love and a lotta people who will never forget a moment of your day!

A glimpse ...

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