Friday, October 31, 2014

Kelly & Will .... are married!

It started downtown Toronto at none other then Starbucks .... we met and chatted about their day, basketball and of course them! I'm so very interested in the couples I meet .... how they met ... what they do for fun and of course I like to see how they interact with one another.
These two are indeed best friends.... you can see it in how they speak with one another ... how they talk about one another ... they share everything.
Kelly is the girl next door.... one look at her and you can see there is so much more to this bright eyed beauty.  She is beyond sweet .... I love her voice ... honestly it's the sweetest voice and every word just sounds so positive.
Will is this handsome and very interesting guy ... I listened to your moms speech closely Will and had a glimpse into who you are. He is well respected and would do anything for those he loves. Must admire such a man! Oh AND he likes Coke ;)
We started at Kelly parents home .... a stunning bridal party and two very lovely parents filled this home with love and excitement! The entire day I heard the most beautiful things said about Kelly .... and I honestly could not agree more!
The dress .... Perfect ... Hair .... gorgeous and everything else was indeed frosting on an already lovely woman.
The venue ..... Pipers Heath . . .  I can never say enough great things about this place ... their service is always above and beyond... food is delicious and the setting ... as you can see ... breathtaking!
Will stood at the font waiting for his bride .... and then ... there she was!  Forget the vows and just look at their eyes ... it was as if no other person was present but the two of them ... completely focused on one another.
Hugs ... embraces ... shaking hands ... this couple are officially married and everyone could not wait to congratulate them.

. . .
This is where we proceeded with family and wedding party photos and then we parted ways with them all and it was just us..... just them in all their excitement.
Kelly & Will ... I could not have asked for a better couple to spend the day with .... Will I am super impressed with your moves and embracing the camera! Kelly .... you make this job so completely easy with your stunning beauty and kindness.

Embrace often .... Share your time effortlessly ... and love completely!

Sneak Peek . . .

.     .     .

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