Friday, October 17, 2014

On The Other Side

. . . and there I was shaking.... fidgiting .... trying to remain still and not pull off an awkward expression!
My photo was in fact being taken!

Yes I was that nervous.... I would say it's because of the oh so famous Jerry Ghionis and the fact that he was taking my pic.... yes that was part of it. Being star struck and all!
But it was just me... not being used to it ... not knowing what to do with myself.... and I am a professional photographer... BUT guess what I have NO IDEA how to act in front of the camera. Yes I know logically I know... but in that moment I couldn't do anything other then keep my eyes open. Seriously!

I'm laughing at myself even now.... how can someone who does this for a living lose all composure.... well I can't explain it... But I can relate to your nerves when you are in front of my camera and it is why I crack jokes... talk to myself... ramble ... and stand on my head! Because those nerves will suck you up whole if I do not do everything in my power to diffuse them.

So next time you are out with me please know..... I UNDERSTAND! I CAN RELATE! and I will do everything I can to make you at ease.... because no ones legs should ever be shaking!

Thankfully Jerry is one of the best out there and his charming ways made me feel how I never have before... comfortable in my own skin.
We all have hang ups about our looks... we all are so very critical... but I tip my hat to this man.... he can make everyone feel beautiful! So much so that I didn't even need to see the photos.... it wasn't about how it turned out... it was the feeling he left you with.
That in itself is priceless!

Thank you Jerry for an incredible workshop and a life changing experience!

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