Saturday, August 20, 2011

In-spir-ation (is it clearer now)

...... ahh sweet inspiration.... whats your take- do we find it? or does it find us? If we had to sit down and pin point the moment we felt inspired... where were you? what did you feel?..... was it a place, person, thought, story or idea that made you think and realize something of your own! 

So I was sitting here thinking of what I could write today.....  so many things have happened this week that really the sky was the limit with this blog. 
But I had a friend say something interesting to me "write about the overuse and misunderstood word "inspiration" and what it means to me. Of course my sarcastic reply was "heavy topic"lol.  But I gotta say a good point was being made.  However I am not sure that "inspiration" can be overused....... heres my thoughts- I am often caught saying to those closest to me.. mainly because they are the only ones I trust with my vulnerable thoughts... "I have to change it up- I need to be inspired"... let me say I am through with this line..... too often I think we wait for inspiration to come to us instead of embracing everything around us and finding it for ourselves! And by finding it I mean just opening our eyes, our minds and listening to everything around us! I believe there are levels of inspiration... which brings me back to the point of overuse.... we may feel that it is overused for the pure emotion associated with true inspiration... ya know the ones that lead us from one great idea to another, where we feel excited and motivated. ... suddenly everything almost magically ties together!
 As a photographer we are continually inspired by everyone we meet... shoot... locations....ect .... we need to be... and there fore we look for it... or at least I do. I think the reason why I used that line was.... I was waiting... waiting for that BIG blast through the clouds... fireworks... something HUGE... just one GRAND inspiration to carry me through! But who says it has to come in that form and come so grand?! Only we say it does.... it doesn't..... I am constantly inspired daily by those around me... their thoughts, actions... by clients and there stories... kids and their candid responses or questions to everyday life. So as much as I have always said it.... this is the first time I have sat down and really thought it through.... I don't need to wait for my grand inspiration to fall from the clouds.... I need to see whats right in front of me..... and so I will! Stop waiting.... and just See!
 Thank you for the idea for this blog...... you are a continual inspiration!

Now for a great couple..... congratulations go out to Suzy & Tim...... you can feel the love! 
A sneak peek into their wedding.......


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I really enjoyed your reflection on this "heavy topic"! This evening I came across this, which I thought was another way of saying what you wrote today!
    thought you might like it!

  2. Thank you Andrea.... loved it.. so well said!!!