Sunday, May 2, 2010

Before we say "I do"

Well it all started last summer....... I had the pleasure to meet Shauna and Gerrard in their home for a wedding consult. I must admit it was an instant connection and I believe we both were a little teary eyed for a few moments as I listened to the details of their wedding. This fabulous couple I met last summer hired me that day and I am thrilled and honored to photograph their wedding in June.
   Friday we stepped out to Erchless Estates in Oakville for their engagement session....... like most of my fabulous couples we had a blast and enjoyed every second. Shauna and Gerrard.... you two are troopers.... loved that you were ready and willing to try anything!!! BUT....... I must apologize for all the bugs that continued to swarm us throughout the evening...... yuk! In the end I witnessed the beauty that is your love for one another and I look forward to your June wedding!!!!!!
sneak peek.........

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