Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wee Ones....

It seems a lot of babies are being born......... I know babies are born everyday.... but quite a few have been coming my way.... so sweet and I feel so privileged to capture them in their first few days!
For me... and I know this is not for all photographers.... but not all my babies sleep..... I always make the room nice and cozy warm.... cozy warm for them = me sweating profusely ...... and that's how it should be! But for whatever reason they don't all sleep.... I don't mind but it is nice to have one sleeping every now and then! 
I'd also like to note that I generally take care of your little bundle the whole session..... you get to take a break and relax even if they are crying..... I have always found it's best to not go back and forth with the baby and just allow them a little time to get to know me and the atmosphere..... But if hunger strikes.... yes they are all yours! 
This little one was too precious.... she came in sleeping and was in and out of sleep for our session! She did a fantabulous job and I enjoyed spending time with her and her brothers!

so here it is ... sneak peek.... welcome little Miss. M

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