Monday, October 3, 2011

Whats on Your mind?

Here we are again.... another day ... another blog.... So I will take a different approach today.... let me ask you all something-
What would you like to know?... hear about? ... I am an open book.... would love to know your thoughts, questions, stories.... anything goes! You can leave a comment below, or on FB or send an email!
Often my FB inbox is full of questions... I usually just answer them to the person directly, but thought maybe we can try it this way.... knowledge is power after all!!

I've been quite busy lately with sessions and weddings..... albums and orders. All the photographers know this all to well.... everything seems to flow in at once at least for most of us. And that's ok, but something has to give in order to keep up at times.... so my blog tends to suffer during these chaotic times!
But I eventually make it back and that's when you will get 2 or 3 blogs in a row outta me!
Which brings us here.......
Yesterday.... yup yesterday I headed out to Moffat to shoot a session with Terri & Alex.... who will be wed this November! Now the weather was touch and go.... but we braved the cold and possibility of rain! Had a great time laughing.... Alex is quite the funny guy... I have my latest and greatest material.... falling short on my one liners.... I must say my drought is over! lol
Fabulous couple with two gorgeous Husky pups.......
sneak peek.....

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